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Download Compressed Industrial Gases Data

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Art shares his industrial gas data collection. MS Excel workbook contains the following:

1. Introduction
2. Oxygen and Nitrogen Conversion Data
3. Argon and Neon Conversion Data
4. Carbon Dioxide, Propane, and Propylene Conversion Data
5. Helium and Hydrogen Conversion Data
6. Krypton and Xenon Conversion Data
7. Velocity and Miscellaneous Conversion Factors
8. Density and Pressure Conversion Factors
9. Energy and Power Conversion Factors
10. Area and Volume Conversion Factors
11. Length and Weight Conversion Factors
12. Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen, & Liquid Hydrogen mass conversions to Volume
13. Liquid Oxygen & Liquid Nitrogen Tonnage Rate Conversion to Volumetric Rate
14. Dew Point Conversion to Parts per Million (Volume)
15. Metered Gas Conversion Factors
16. Combustion Requirements for Boiler Fossil Fuels
17. Electric, Steam, and Ambient Vaporizers' Specifications
18. Dissociated MeOH & NH3 Conversion Data
19. Absolute Temperatures Chart
20. CO2 Cylinder Specifications
21. CO & Ozone Conversion Factors
22. CGA Gas Cylinder Valves and Specifications
23. Liquid CO2 Storage Vessel Dimensions and Foot Prints
24. Tube Trailers' and Generic Cryogenic Vessels' Capacities
25. High Pressure Steel & Aluminum Gas Cylinders' Specifications
26. Saturated Densities
27. Nitrogen Purging
28. Nitrogen Purging Efficiency
30. Gas Flammability
31. Saturated Liquid Flashing
32. Gas Turbine Capacity
33. Liquid Hydrogen Vapor Release
34. Pressure Drop of Compressed Air in Piping
35. Minimum Safe Distance for Liquid Hydrogen Storage
36. Safe Storage Distances for LPG and Liquid Oxygen
37. Nitrogen Refrigeration
38. Physical Properties of Gases - USA units
39. Physical Properties of Gases - Metric units
40. Pressure, Temperature and Density Relationships for Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, & Argon
41. Saturated Steam Tables - Pressure Basis
42. Saturated Steam Tables - Temperature Basis
43. Superheated Steam Tables
44. Customer Cryogenic Tank
45. VGL Parts

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Thank for information
Thanks for sharing such a nice information,the data are very useful to me in conducting energy audits in industries, thanks again
May 10 2011 02:58 AM
dear sir,
i am very thankful for your valuable posts.

Down loaded and learned.
thanks a lot
Dear friend ,

This is a nice and valuable information information.

Best regards.

it is very nice as persian carpet.
thank you so much.
Bambang Wahyu Pramono
Dec 28 2011 01:13 PM
thx sir...

Thanks a lot for such a useful information.

Una vez más, le agradezco infinitamente todo lo que usted nos ayuda a los jóvenes ingenieros, Dios le colme de bendiciones. Muchas gracias.

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