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     ChE Plus is a new premium service being offered by The Chemical Engineers' Resource Page.  Any visitor in the world with a credit card can sign up for instant access.  You can sign up now by clicking the link below.  If you still need more convincing, you can view a summary of the service below.  Also, remember that by subscribing today, you'll receive our FREE technical newsletter every two weeks!

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Spec Plus

1.  Access to equipment specification / data sheets in Microsoft Excel format
By making these valuable specification sheets available in electronic format, you'll be able to quickly type up specifications for submittal to vendors for a variety of types of chemical processing equipment.  You can also find information on the vendors of each type of equipment for easy submittal directly to the manufacturers via email.  We'll open with specification sheets for 23 different pieces of equipment.  These data sheets alone cost hundreds of dollars elsewhere on the internet!  These data sheets will be available in both imperial and metric units.
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Tech Plus

2.  Technical Bulletins
     The Chemical Engineers' Resource Page was founded on its quality technical articles.  ChE Plus offers even more articles in the form of Technical Bulletins.  Learn how to estimate the overall heat transfer coefficient for a plate and frame heat exchanger or download a printable chart of standard material thicknesses for easy reference.
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Maint Plus

3.  Quality Maintenance Articles for the Chemical Processing Industry
Powered by Feed-Forward Publications, Maint Plus features maintenance articles focusing on such topics as Non-Destructive Testing of Welds, Air Compressor Operation and Care, Ultrasonic Level Detectors, and many more.  These articles will be drawn from Feed-Forwards subscription service and will only be available to ChE Plus subscribers.
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Calc Plus

4.  Calculation Procedures and Spreadsheet
     You'll find the best chemical engineering calculation procedures and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets on the internet in ChE Plus!  Examples include relating valve closing time to subsequent pressure experienced, storage bin sizing, vapor-liquid separator vessel sizing, and more!   Future developments include evaporation spreadsheets.  Members will have the opportunity to have their favorite calculations developed into a spreadsheet tool as well.
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KBase Plus

5.  Access to the ChE KnowledgeBase
     A powerful back-end SQL database that stores question and answer style information about chemical engineering will be at your disposal.  The database can be searched by keyword or you can browse by category.  Some records include graphics to help enhance the information presented.  At launch, the ChE KnowledgeBase will have over 450 entries and additional entries will be added throughout the progression of this product.
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MBase Plus

6.  Community Member Database
     We're dedicated to making sure that ChE Plus is an interactive, exciting experience.  We'll provide a member database where you can place your contact information along with your areas of expertise.  Members helping members should be a large part of ChE Plus!

Text Plus

7.  Access to a Central Library of Resources
     Enjoy access to a chemical engineering library with over 80 titles including items such as Cameron's Hydraulic Data, Process Heat Transfer, Ullman's Encyclopedia, Chemical Process Equipment, and many more.   Need a piece of data?  ChE Plus subscribers need only ask.  If you're in the field and need information, we'll be happy to help.  Collection also includes back issues of Chemical Engineering Magazine, Hydrocarbon Processing, and Chemical Engineering Progress.

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Not ready to subscribe just yet, enter the information below and we'll keep you up to date on ChE Plus:

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