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Che-Comp Software Foundation

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Che-Comp Software Foundation is a not-for-profit international organization which seeks to foster the creation of quality and affordable chemical engineering softwares for the chemical engineering community worldwide.

The foundation is established through collaborative efforts of chemical engineering students and professionals dedicated to the cause of promoting computer applications in chemical engineering.

The foundation is run by a team composed of competent computer programmers, expert advisers, dedicated researchers, active contributors and generous supporters.

Who can join the foundation?

Individual chemical engineering students and professionals are welcome to join and support the foundation.

Is there a membership fee?

The foundation is created in the spirit of volunteerism and commitment. No membership fee shall be collected.

Who will finance the foundation?

The foundation seeks to implore the aid of generous donors and benefactors who believe in the cause of computer applications in chemical engineering. The foundation welcomes financial aids and/or grants from chemical companies, organizations, and institutions who share the same vision --- quality and affordable chemical engineering softwares for the chemical engineering community worldwide.

Financial supports, aids and grants shall be used to finance the software development projects of the foundation which includes research and programming.

How do I join?

The foundation accepts volunteer members to join the team. You will have to decide which team you want to join: programming, research, adviser, contributor or supporter.

A member of the programming team implements program design of the software project. They decide on what programming platform to work on. The programming team gets its input from the research team and from the team of advisers.

The research team conducts research on possible software projects to implement. The team is responsible for providing technical data such as empirical and design equations, physical properties, etc. The research team exhausts all possible means to gather relevant information --- emails, books, journals, newsletters, conversations, etc.

The team of advisers consists of people from the academe and industry who have the technical expertise needed to push through with the software project. This team of advisers imparts technical knowledge such as design concepts, computational methods, etc.

The team of contributors comprises of people who are willing to share their existing application softwares. They are those who distribute their softwares for free or for an affordable price. Software contributions are screened for quality.

The team of supporters involves people who are generous supporters of the project but do not have the luxury of time to actively involve. They help the foundation in terms of financial aids and/or grants.

After deciding which team you want to join, you will then have to submit an application to the Secretary of the Foundation (send email to providing the following basic information:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Organization or Company
  • Team you want to Join

Other related information will be requested from you if the need arises. Your email address will serve as an official contact information between you and the foundation.

Can I join the mailing list if I am not a member?

Certainly! Our mailing list is open to all students and professionals who have a passion for computer applications in chemical engineering. And this is the only criteria for being a list member. A member of the mailing list is not necessarily a member of the foundation unless he or she has explicity applied for membership to the Che-Comp Software Foundation. However, the discussions or ideas coming from the mailing list members are as valuable as the discussions or ideas coming from the members of the foundation.

Mailing List

The che-comp is the official mailing list of the Che-Comp Software Foundation. The list was started before the foundation was conceived. The mailing list was created to foster an interest to computer applications in chemical engineering. The che-comp mailing list served as springboard for the birth of the foundation.

Kindly send an empty email message to to know more of che-comp mailing list. You are likewise cordially invited to visit the Computer Applications in Chemical Engineering Homepage.