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Software-Chemical Engineering

154 Distinct Links
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Canute - Hydraulic Calculation Software
Canute specialise in hydraulic calculation software for the fire protection industry including fire sprinkler, water mist, deluge, hydrants and hose reels systems.

Separation software from ChemSep.

DataSplice Mobile Computing
DataSplice LLC provides mobile handheld technology that extends the utility of a CMMS, and increases overall operational efficiency. Our solution brings together four core technologies to simplify accurate data capture, cut down task time, and reduce paperwork. DataSplice mobile technology is also compatible with various CMMS systems, and can be configured to match your work flow.

EngWare Engineering Software
One stop source for energy conversion systems (power and propulsion systems for simple and basic cycles) software, slide shows, online calculators, engineering modeling, textbooks, educational and consulting services!

FireCAD - Boiler Design Software
FireCAD range of products are meant for design of all types of Boilers. Namely Water Tube Package Boilers, Fire tube Package Boilers, Waste Heat Boilers, HRSG, Heat Exchangers, Economisers, AirHeaters, SuperHeaters, Grate Fired Boilers, Solid Gas Oil Fired Boilers..etc.

Automation and process control software specialists.

Katmar Software
Download fully functional evaluation copies of our engineering, project management and risk analysis software, or follow our links to other sites.

Katmar Software
Supplier of chemical engineering software including packed column calculations and more.

LMNO Engineering
Flow in pipes, open channels, hydrology, groundwater.

Multisimplex Process Control
A world leader in process control and optimization software.

Palm Engineering Software
Palm engineering software and Palm hardware for process and mechanical engineers.

Pressure Drop
Calculation of pressure drops in pipes


TechEng Designs Home Page
Engineering software which will automate your calculations for: tank capacity, orifice diameters, liquid flow,engineering unit and enviromental conversions.

WinSim Inc. Process Simulation
Rigorous process simulation for Chemical and Hydrocarbon processes including Refining, Refrigeration, Petrochemical, Gas Processing, Gas Treating, Pipelines, Fuel Cells, Ammonia, Methanol and Hydrogen Facilities

Other important links.
BatchPro - RTN Network...
Home Information News Hiring Themes Tasks Reviews Contact Members People Conferences Links Market driven flexible, multi-product, batch semi-batch manufacturing responding rapidly to market needs is ...
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Canute - Hydraulic Calculation Software...
Canute specialise in hydraulic calculation software for the fire protection industry including fire sprinkler, water mist, deluge, hydrants and hose reels systems. ...
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