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The Chemical Engineer's Book Corner

coverApplied Process Design, Volume 2

Author(s): Ernest E. Ludwig
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann / Gulf Publishing

Bottom Line:  Imagine that you just spent about 30 years following a great process engineer around all of their assignments and you put every chart, graph, calculation, and know-how into a folder.  Well, this series represents your collected knowledge.  Don't get just one, put all of them on your shelf.

Summary:  "Applied Process Design: Volume 2", like the other books in this series, blends two great ways to educate the reader about the topics being discussed: real word example coupled with expert explanation.   These books are the ultimate representation of how to "really do things" and the author isn't afraid to step right into the page and tell the reader what will work and will not work.  Now, that is truly valuable.

     The book is divided into the following main sections: 
Distillation: Distillation Process Performance
Distillation: Hydrocarbon Absorption and Stripping
Distillation: Mechanical Designs for Tray Performance
Packed Towers

Layout:    Equations are labeled well, all variables defined, and they're very easy to follow.  Tables and graphs are offset and are shown in the appropriate locations.  Additionally, differing views and methods are explored for topics where they exist.

From the Book:

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Highs:     Fantastic, applicable, well-developed, and practical information at your fingertips. 

Lows:     At $150, the price is on the high-end of the market, but this book is worth every single penny.

Overall:     It's hard to find books that offer this much practical, time-tested information.  Our advice is to grab them while they're still in print and enjoy the benefits throughout your entire career.  Any concept covered by any of the books in this series will be thoroughly explained and often by more than one perspective.  This give any reader the ability to digest the information and make informed decisions.

Rating:     3.5stars.gif (1022 bytes)  (out of four stars)

Star Guide:     starguide.gif (9683 bytes)


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