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Download Pipe and Pipeline Pressure Drop Correlations

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pipe pipeline pressure drop darcy weichbach hazen williams wymouth panhandle


Presented are several correlations for pipe and pipeline pressure loss calculations.  Applications included are:

    Single Phase - Liquid
  • Single Phase - Gas under pressure
  • Single Phase - Gas near atmospheric pressure
  • Single Phase - Steam
  • Two Phase

Correlations included are Darcy Weichbach, Hazen Williams, Weymouth, Panhandle, Spitzglass, Babcock, and Modified Darcy.


Correlations are provided in their native units of measure.  Observe units carefully.

Disclaimer: All software provided "As-Is" with no warranty, expressed or implied, available. See our Terms of Use for more information.

Feb 01 2013 09:06 AM

Nice collection, thanks.

I did not thoroughly review all equations, here are few comments:

  1. Darcy equation for gas is not valid for pressure drop > 10% of P1
  1. Type of piping materials not specified; pressure drop varies between carbon steel pipe, aluminum, copper, plastic, fibersbar, etc (I believe all calcs are for new commercial carbon steel pipe)
  1. For software improvement, some of the user’s input could be calculated or automated using pull down menues, for example:
  1. Compressibility factors are user input
  1. Pipe roughness and roughness coefficients are user input
  1. Steam density is a user input

     d. C - Empirical constant are user input



Apr 28 2014 10:57 PM



It is really a great work.. thanks paul

Ajay S. Satpute
Jun 04 2015 02:46 AM

Please note the error in Reynolds number formula in box "G39".


NRe = D.V.Rho/0.001 (incorrect)


NRe = D.V.Rho/Viscosity (correct)

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