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Download Tank Gravity Drain Time Calculator

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tank gravity drain time calculation calculator


Approximate the draining time required for a tank that does NOT include hemispherical heads.  English units of measure included.

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The sheet give example for the sphere tank only, other twoo -Horizontal and Vertical- need to be added aince the equations are there

Thank you Ankur Sir !

thanks alot

thanks mr ankur.. this will be useful

Thank you Sr.


One question. I am trying to do something similar, but with vertical tanks that are filled with slurry (with a density of 2.0 ton/m). I think that will be changed something in yours calculations, Am I right?



Tanks Sir,


Good and useful

Dec 27 2013 04:33 AM

Is the vertical cylinder formula can be used for torispherical vessels(Reactors) also.I Think  height of liquid in the cylinder may varies.

Thank you colleague

Feb 28 2014 02:53 AM

thank you!

Many thank for your shared

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