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Download Control Valve Sizing - Single and Two Phase

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control valve sizing single two phase free


MS Excel workbook (macro enabled) for the sizing of single and two phase control valves.

Disclaimer: All software provided "As-Is" with no warranty, expressed or implied, available. See our Terms of Use for more information.

Looks like a well put together spreadsheet. An idea to improve it would be to include the ability to calculate/solve for flow (given Cv and dP)

Bobby Strain
May 12 2015 07:14 PM


       Why not use Emerson's software? It's free and has been used for decades.



first sight - not very useful:

- when i work under new project i don't know diameter of CV yet (often and pipe)

- when i revamp existing equipment i can't check Cv of CV

in both cases it is very uncomfortable - if i filled form only with 1 mistake i have to refill again. Can spreadsheet display nearest results of search evens then don't match?


and 1 else it would be useful check and rangeability of CV just to know do i need have 2 CV in parallel or 1 CV should be enough


but work is great!

Ajay S. Satpute
May 21 2015 07:25 AM
Thank you all for taking time to check the file, much appreciated. :)
Yes, it's a good suggestion. In present set-up, one needs to do trial and error w.r.to flow rate to get the desired Cv value.
Because, for me it is more fun preparing & using my own spreadsheet, than to use someone else's. 
Yes, you need to have the vendor Cv table w.r.to valve size available with you. Please refer post # 24 of below link.
Now, once you are done with calculating Cv, you can cross-check your assumed (if new project) valve size with the above mentioned reference and provide the corrected valve size (corresponding to calculated Cv) and line size inline with your valve size and recalculate.

You can always change the input parameters after clicking CALCULATE and re-CALCULATE.


Thank you . This was very useful.

hai guys

 i have one doubt about control valve.. how  control valve is classify like pressure cv (pv), level control valve (Lv),temprature cv...? what is the  function and difference..?

till now,there is no perfect control valve for two phase.how it could be.

Sep 03 2015 05:10 AM

Good job though I would have love to see "checks for cavitation/flashing services" especially for new designs. Also I have a question, for an LCV downstream an equilibrium vessel (where liquid is in equilibrium with its vapour and Pv = P1), will the valve susceptible to cavitation? Anybody will prior experience on the sizing of such valve? Thanks

Thank you

Sorry, but when I open the xlsm file I see only a white spreadsheet. How can I fix it?


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