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Jacketed Vessel Design

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Heat Transfer Coefficients Inside Agitated Vessels

In order to complete the overall heat transfer coefficient calculation, an estimate must also be made inside the process vessel. The following estimate should yield reasonable results:

Eq. (11)


Ad = agitator diameter
N = agitator speed, rev/s
All other variables as previously defined
a is defined by the table below:

Table 1: Dimension "a" for Use with Equation 11

Calculating the Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient

When calculating the overall heat transfer coefficient for a system, the vessel wall resistance and any jacket fouling must be taken into account:

Eq. (12)

Notice that the thermal conducitivity of the vessel wall and the wall thickness are included in the calculation. A typical jacket fouling factor is around 0.001 h ft2 °F/Btu. When calculating the overall heat transfer coefficient, use a "common sense" analysis of the final value. The tables below will give some guidance to reasonable final values:

Table 2: Estimated Overall
Heat Transfer Coefficients
for Jacketed Tank Systems
(Imperial Units)
Table 3: Estimated Overall
Heat Transfer Coefficients
for Jacketed Tank Systems
(Metric Units)
jacketed_vessel_design18 jacketed_vessel_design19


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Very useful guidance for designing Jacketed vessel. Thank you for your sharing.

thank you, but i have an situation here i already fabricated double jacket tank half pipe but i need another type of jacket to prevent marks of welding on the inner tank walls. kindly see below picture





cloud you please advise