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Where Do I Find the Sign In Link?

The community is designed to take advantage of newer browsers. Sometimes, older browsers can cause alignment problems. This is especially true with Internet Explorer version 8 running in "Compatibility Mode". The "Sign In" and "Register" links at the top of the page can overlap with IE 8 in compatbility mode:

Attached Image: compat_on.gif

In order to turn "Compatbility Mode" off, go under the "Page" option which is usually found in the upper right portion of an IE 8 window:

Attached Image: turn_off_compat_view.gif

Once "Compatibility Mode" is turned off, the alignment at the top will return to normal:

Attached Image: compat_off.gif

and you'll be able to find the "Sign In" link.

Alternatively, we've added a new "Sign In" link to the Community sub-menu:

Attached Image: new_sign_in_link.gif
Background Information: I can't find the sign in link where I enter my login information for the Community.


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