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How Do I Enable Macros for MS Excel Spreadsheets?

Newer versions of MS Excel (starting with 2007) protect users from malicious macros by disabling them by default. In order to get macros to run properly for many of the titles available here, it's best to save all of your technical spreadsheets to a single folder and them place that folder location in the "Trusted Locations" area in MS Excel.

1. Open MS Excel and click on the main ribbon button and select "Excel Option".
Attached Image: excel_1.gif

2. Click on "Trust Center"
Attached Image: excel_2.gif

3. Click on "Trust Center Settings"
Attached Image: excel_3.gif

4. On the next screen, click on "Trusted Locations" and then "Add a New Location". Browse to the folder where your spreadsheets are stored and add this location to your list of trusted locations. Be sure that the two check boxes at the bottom of the screen are NOT checked.
Attached Image: excel_4.gif

Now, when you open your spreadsheets that you've downloaded from Cheresources.com, the macros will be free to open and the calculations will work properly.
Background Information: Some MS Excel spreadsheets available in the online store or the Downloads section have macros that are needed in order to work properly.


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