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Hysys Simulation Of Vacuum Distillation Column

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#1 chem guy

chem guy

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Posted 11 March 2011 - 11:45 PM

Hi everyone!

I am a final year chemical engineering student and working on Lube Refinery's Vacuum Distillation Column as a part of my Final Year Project. I want to simulate vacuum column in HYSYS. Is there any tutorial that could teach me how to simulate a Vacuum Column? Please mention any resource of it.

Thank You.

#2 Padmakar Katre

Padmakar Katre

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Posted 12 March 2011 - 02:38 AM

The Lube Vacuum Distillation Unit is similar to the Atmospheric Distillation Unit only the difference as the operating pressures. If you give us the background of the project i.e. the cut points of Lube Products, RCO feed distillation, Thru'put, Operating conditions such as Temperature and Pressure and product specifications then we can give some ideas.
If you know the Crude Oil Characterization in the Hysys/RefSys oil manager in Simulation Manager Window, then flow-sheeting is simple. The starting point will be the RCO characterization in Oil Manager, the inputs required will be TBP/D86 distillation, Bulk properties as minimum. Addition to these inputs if you have the data like CCR,Asphaltene, Metal Content then all these should be given as input and for the same you need further excersize i.e. to chop the original crude feed curves for the RCO cut points in order to input these curves for the VDU feed characterization. Once you are through the characterization part, then modeling the flow-sheet is easy if you have the PFD and operating values.
I understand that you have the optimized PFD for the unit and you just want to prepare the Hysys simulation model. Let me know if you have further doubts.

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