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#1 Guest_RCW_*

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Posted 11 February 2010 - 02:35 PM

Hello, I've simulated a process in HYSYS, with several columns, one of which is a deethanizer modelled as a reboiled absorber. I'm trying to perform hand calculations to see whether I obtain the same number of trays as HYSYS. I need to absorb propene and heavier from the gas stream.

1. However, it is a multicomponent system, so I am having dificulty obtaining the equilibrium data from HYSYS (my teacher said that I can obtain the equilibrium curve from HYSYS). How do I do this please? (It contains methane all the way to decane). I don't mind whether it is the Temperature/compostion equilibrium graph as I can then obtain x & y myself and plot it, however, I am completely lost as to how to do this with a multicomponent system on HYSYS. I really need the equilibrium curve graph so that I can then plot the operating line and obtain the equilibrium number of trays requird.

2. Also, my gas stream is concentrated, so how do I calulate the value of A (absorption factor) and K, as my liquid and gas flowrates are not constant? I tried obtaining K values myseld from the DePriester charts, and they were very similar to the values produced by HYSYS, and the temperature varies significantly down the column.

Thankyou in advance.

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