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ChE Plus Newsletter Volume 4, Issue 2

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Dateline: May 30, 2006

In this issue...
New Articles Available

Why You Must Never Let Equipment Fail
From our guest author, Mike Sondalini, learn why it's sin to allow your equipment to fail.  Read the full article.

vol4iss2_1.gif (2676 bytes)Basics of Industrial Heat Transfer
Discover the basics of industrial heat transfer and learn how to perform a basic heat transfer analysis ....Read the full article.

Specifying Liquid-Liquid Heat Exchangers

vol4iss2_2.gif (6047 bytes)

As an engineer, specifying heat exchangers for procurement is an important step in the successful execution of any heat transfer or energy conservation project.....Read the full article.

Sand Bucket Elevator Problem Solved
A car part casting foundry was continually having to replace buckets, find out why and what was done to fix the problem....Read the full article.

vol4iss2_4.gif (2133 bytes)Biosorption
Learn how biosorption is poised to blaze a new trail forward in the removal of heavy metals, even at low concentrations where traditional methods often struggle.   Read the full article.

The Instantaneous Cost of Failure
vol4iss2_6.gif (3580 bytes)When a failure incident occurs there is a consequential loss of profits and amassing of costs.  The cost of failure includes lost profit, the cost of the repair, the fixed and variable operating costs wasted during the downtime and a myriad of consequential costs that reverberate and surge through the business....Read the full article.

Talk to Me Please
I am one of those dunderheads who – most of the time anyway – does nothing more than “keep the plant running.”  Most of the time a trained monkey could do my job, in fact at times a monkey would be better at it because monkeys are very strong and have prehensile toes.  Whenever I have to crawl under or over a big pipe (ruining the insulation in the process) to get to some otherwise inaccessible part of an installation I think the same things; “well at least I don’t have to work for peanuts ...” Read the full article.
Overheard in the Online Forum

Toluene Heater

"I'm in the middle of my 4th year plant design course and I am left with the challenge of designing a heat exchanger to heat toluene at T = 25.76 C and P = 950 kPa to T = 167 C and P = 900 kPa. I figured out the pressure drop using heuristics from my class. I was thinking of using steam for the hot stream into the exchanger to heat up the toluene, but if you have another idea, let me know. Again using heuristics, I know to bring the steam in at 400 psig and 448 F, but I dont know what to expect for my outlet temperature. I also need to figure out a flow. Also, I am in need of advice for the type of exchanger and material to be used. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated."

Even practicing engineers can pick up some valuable information from the replies to this inquiry....

Read the replies to this message

Website Spotlight

vol3iss1_spreadsheet.gif (5149 bytes)NDT Resource Center
Want to learn more about commonly used Non-Destructive Testing used in the fabrication of pressure vessels?  Visit this great resource for details on many different types of test commonly used.  This is one of hundreds of valuable resources available in our ChE Links section presented by Dr. Bernhard Spang.

Launch of New Focus Area
Is the world facing an energy crisis in the not so distant future?  Time to have the people who have knowledge of the topic discuss in an open forum.  Stop by our new section called "Energy's Future" and give us your thoughts for powering the world into the future. 

We'll discuss transportation energy, the power industry, the future of the chemical industry, and other interesting topics.   It's been awhile since a topic has arisen where the potential solutions are seemingly endless and few agree on the next step.

Each article can be discussed on our message board.   Jump right in and stay tuned, we'll continue to update this section.

Software Spotlight

control_valveControl Valve Flow Determination
Estimate the flow through a control valve with a known pressure loss and the valve characteristic from the supplier with this valuable spreadsheet tool.  This title includes calculation methods for gases, steam, and liquids.  English and Metric units are included.  Preview this title here.   Interested in this title?  Purchase it now in our online store.

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