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ChE Plus Newsletter Volume 5, Issue 1

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Dateline: January 22, 2007

In this issue...
New Articles Available

Capitalizing on Nanotechnology's Enormous Promise
From our guest author, Suzanne Shelley, learn how commercial-scale advances continue to exploit the advantages of nanscaled materials.  Read the full article.

vol4iss2_1.gif (2676 bytes)Liquid-Liquid Extraction: An In-Depth Look
Discover both the basics and some advanced features of liquid-liquid extraction including the equipment used.  Read the full article.

vol4iss2_4.gif (2133 bytes)Understanding Compressible Flow
Learn about the common pitfalls that process engineers typicall encounter when examining compressible flow.  Read the full article.

Revised: Rupture Disks for Process Engineers - Temperature and Back Pressure
phil_lecknerPhil Leckner as revised and exapnded one of several excellent articles in his serious on pressure relieving scenarios.  Read the full article.

New Free Software Available
excel_icon.gif (986 bytes)Pressure Drop via the Karman Method
Mr. Daan Le Roux of SASOL shares his spreadsheet based on the Karman pressure drop method as featured in the June 2006 edition of CEP Magazine.
  Download the spreadsheet here. (right-click and select "Save As")

excel_icon.gif (986 bytes)Chemical Plant Cost Estimation
Ever wonder what really goes into estimating the cost of a world scale chemical production facility?  Here is a sample of such a spreadsheet used for a project in India.  Build your own from this sample which includes virtually all of the economics that need to be considered.  Download the spreadsheet here. (right-click and select "Save As")

Overheard in the Online Forum

Relief Valve Verification

"I work for a large company that started as a research company over 15 years ago. The facility probably has over 900 relief valves in service now with little to no documentation supporting their sizing basis. Obviously, this is a problem. We are in the process of obtaining as much nameplate information (legibility has been a problem) as possible before beginning the long and tedious task of reverse engineering the sizing basis of each and every valve......"

Read the replies to this message

Website Spotlight

vol3iss1_spreadsheet.gif (5149 bytes)LANL Engineering Standards
Looking for a great place for welding standards and qualification forms?   Check out the LANL Engineering Standards section on welding from Los Alamos labs.

Energy's Future
vol5iss1_4.gif (6870 bytes)Novel Power-Generation Strategies
Guest author, Suzanne Shelley, explores the current novel power generation strategies.   Engineering advances related to both coal and biomass gasification, and the use of solar and wind energy, are helping change the face of power generation, by enabling commercial-scalevol5iss1_5.gif (1717 bytes) electricity production that has significantly reduced fossil fuel use and environmental impact.  Read the full article.

Ethanol as a Transportation Fuel
vol5iss1_6.gif (1672 bytes)Guest author, Krishnamachari Govindarajan of Petchem Consultants, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using various alcohols as transportation fuels.  Read the full article.

Click here to join the conversation in our "Energy's Future" Forums

New Forum Launched
Many of our visitors have expressed their disappointment with the "passing" of   This site hosted many great discussions about refinery technology over the years.  Seeking a new home for these discussions, they've asked to launch a new forum for these discussions.  We've proudly launched the new "Refining, Hydrocarbons, Oil, and Gas" forum in our message boards.  Stop by and share your thoughts.
Software Spotlight

control_valveRupture Disk and Relief Valve Sizing
When it comes to sizing rupture disks and relief valves, it important that you're using tools that you trust.  Two of our most popular titles, Rupture Disk Sizing and Relief Valve Sizing, are from a seasoned consultant by the name of Don Coffman.  English and Metric units are included. 

Preview Rupture Disk Sizing here.
Preview Relief Valve Sizing here.

Purchase Rupture Disk Sizing
Purchase Relief Valve Sizing

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