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Existing Equipment Strength Verification

Those of you that have used the spreadsheets created by "psafety" (MAP package 1, MAP package 2) may have run into some difficulty with verifying the strength of existing equipment. For one thing, those packages don't include calculations for Trapezoidal Plates. I have run into them on a regular basis while updating the safety studies for baghouses and such. I decided to create some spreadsheets for use with existing data to make my life a little bit easier.
First, a simple one that's not included in that other set of files, MAP / MAV Calculator - Trapezoidal Plate

I have also run into some complications using the other spreadsheets for existing equipment that has been stiffened already. The other spreadsheets will help you figure out what section modulus your stiffeners require to meet the strength requirements, but figuring out what you have already on site isn't as easy. My spreadsheets for Rectangular Plates and Trapezoidal Plates with stiffeners lets you input the dimensions of the plate and the data for the stiffeners, and will then calculate your MAP. Each of my 3 workbooks above have sheets for Imperial and Metric calculations.

What's that you say? You're tired of digging through your Machinery's Handbook, or other reference, to find the calculations for all of the properties of your stiffeners? Well, so was I. So, to make my life easier, I created a workbook for that too. My Section Properties workbooks are available in either Imperial or Metric. These files have sheets for Solid and Hollow Squares and Rectangles, Circles, Donuts, Half Circles and Donuts, Ellipses, Structural and Welded T's, Equal and Unequal L's, I-Beams and Channels. In all, the Section Properties workbooks have 26 different sheets that calculate for Area, Moment of Inertia, Radius of Gyration, Distance from Neutral Axis to Extreme Fiber and Section Modulus.

I am interested in purchasing the software called MAP / AVM used to verify pressure vessels, I can not find on the site, attached some impressions of it.

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