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Liquid Oxygen Production

liquid oxygen air separation unit asu hysys cryogenics simulation

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#1 ciamba87


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Posted 23 April 2018 - 03:20 AM

At first I would excuse me for the vagueness of my question. I simply would find information about liquid oxygen production system. Although I couldn't find exhaustive material to comprehend it teorically, I think I caught the core of the issue of a Linde's double-column. My problems begin with the Hysys simulation: there is no way for me to balance the low temperature heat coming from the condenser of the HP column with the need of heat of the LP column. The latter results lower, so i would need another heat sink. In other topics they post a file named ASU, that presents three columns (i.e. a third column for the argon). It is very worthy but in my opinion it presents the same problem, because we can't move away the low temperature heat from the argon column.


So my question is: do you know if it is possible to balanch such a system? Do you have examples of Hysys-made simulation of liquid oxygen production system (i referred to ASU because the two systems are pretty simular, but I don't care about nitrogen and argon, that can also be exhausted in atmosphere)? Otherwise, do you have a quite detailed analysis of such a system that i could reproduce?


Finally, in other topics they talk about "Cryogenic systems" by Randall Barron. I could'n find it in the library of the my University. Are there any other books that you could suggest to me?





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