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#1 magonz


    Veteran Member

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  • 32 posts

Posted 03 November 2020 - 06:26 PM

Has anyone got experience with VMG Sim software?  Do you know how to get it and the price?


thank you,


#2 ChEf


    Junior Member

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  • 19 posts

Posted 04 November 2020 - 01:21 AM

VMGsim is now commercialized by Schlumberger under the name of Symmetry. You need to contact Schlumberger representative.

#3 christopherchoa


    Gold Member

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  • 56 posts

Posted 25 April 2022 - 06:12 PM

Is there any feedback on the use of this software? Our company is either choosing to renew HYSYS or to use Symmetry (by Schlumberger).

#4 Bobby Strain

Bobby Strain

    Gold Member

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  • 3,180 posts

Posted 25 April 2022 - 09:02 PM

Both were originally developed by the same group, Hyprotech, a Canadian group. HYSYS has been around for a long time. HYSIM  was its predecessor. Your business may influence your decision. Symmetry development will undoubtedly favor oil & gas production and processing, not necessarily including refining. If you are comfortable with HYSYS, and the price is competitive, you would probably best stick with it. Then you will be assured all you models will work as they always have. And, if you have automation via VBA or VB.NET, these applications won't need to change. You already know about the help you get from AspenTech. Schlumberger shed some experienced hands when they bought VMGSim. That, in itself does not bode well for future service. The graphical interfaces are different. Symmetry uses Microsoft Visio.


What about ProMax from Bryan Research & Engineering, LLC  Clint M. Duewall [Clint.Duewall@bre.com].


It would be kind of you to inform us of your decision.



Edited by Bobby Strain, 25 April 2022 - 09:24 PM.

#5 StealthProg


    Gold Member

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  • 66 posts

Posted 26 April 2022 - 04:06 AM

Some history, VMG Sim was not developed by Hyprotech.  One of the original hyprotech employees left hyprotech many years ago (1980s?) and developed open source software called Sim42 in collaboration with VMG (Virtual Materials Group) who at the time were a thermodynamics company.  VMG then took over the old open source Sim42 code and it became VMGSim which was later bought out by Schlumberger.  So the original architect/designer of Hysys and VMGSim was the same guy (Craig Morris) but they are not the same code, Hysys is not the forunner of VMGSim and in fact they are written in different languages (C/C++ vs. Python).

Unisim, Petrosim, Hysys are the three that originally had the same base code.




    Gold Member

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Posted 29 April 2022 - 05:22 AM

What about ASPEN PLUS , it is writen in C++?

#7 SilverShaded


    Gold Member

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  • 147 posts

Posted 06 May 2022 - 04:07 AM

What about ASPEN PLUS , it is writen in C++?

Not 100% sure but probably FORTRAN.  Interface will either be C++ or .Net.

Edited by SilverShaded, 06 May 2022 - 04:08 AM.

#8 christopherchoa


    Gold Member

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  • 56 posts

Posted 16 May 2022 - 07:44 PM

Cost of VMGSIM (Symmetry) is only a little bit cheaper than HYSYS. We might continue with Aspen as it is more known for clients. 

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