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Useful Oil And Gas Processing Calculations - Part #1

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#1 Yasserkassem


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Posted 10 March 2021 - 01:19 AM

How to calculate

1- Molecular weight of gas and
apparent molecular weight of a gas mixture


2- The gas compressibility factor z


3- The Gas volume at any condition of Pressure and temperature


4- The Average pipeline pressure


5- The heating value of gases BTU


6- The Crude oil Density and gravity


7- the Crude oil Viscosity

And crude oil/water mixture viscosity



Attached File  1- Molecular weight and apparent molecular weight_.docx   22.04KB   11 downloads

Attached File  2- Compressibility Factor_.docx   141.76KB   9 downloads

Attached File  3- Gas volume at any condition of Pressure and temperature_.docx   17.99KB   12 downloads

Attached File  4- Average pipeline pressure_.docx   14.68KB   11 downloads

Attached File  5- The heating value of gases_.docx   15.64KB   8 downloads

Attached File  6- Crude oil Density and gravity_.docx   12.81KB   11 downloads

Attached File  7- Crude oil Viscosity_.docx   166.45KB   12 downloads



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