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Pilot Pressure Regulator - Control Issue


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#1 AndyChemEng


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Posted 12 January 2022 - 10:25 AM

Hi all,


I have a query about an issue we have with a pressure regulator valve and possible solutions.


Process conditions

Process media: nitrogen gas

Process temperature: ambient

Upstream pressure: 7.5barg

Desired downstream pressure: 2.7barg

Desired flow-rate range: 80Nm3/h to 1000Nm3/h


We currently have a pilot operated Bailey Birkett G4 pressure regulator installed (a 2" valve with a 1 1/4" trim).



When the downstream demand drops below 250Nm3/h the valve begins to oscillate and hunt which can lead to the downstream safety valve lifting.


My initial thoughts are that the valve is oversized and can't reliably control at this turndown ratio but I'm struggling to find anything on their turndown ratio in the literature and how you even contact the manufacturers 'birkett bailey'/ (pentair) / emerson.


Another suggestion is to install two PRVs in series.


Has anyone encountered this issue before and attained a successful outcome or can provide any guidance for the above?

Any assistance is much appreciated.


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#2 latexman


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Posted 12 January 2022 - 11:52 AM

Is this a new installation or old?  If new, I'd contact the seller for technical support, because it does not perform as specified.  If old, I'd track down technical support through the website - https://www.baileyva...reducing-valves.  They give an e-mail, telephone #, and Skype.


Find someone local and bring them into the plant to see the installation.  Demonstrate the problem for them, if possible.


I would think two PRVs in parallel, one small and one big, would give more turndown.  PRVs in series are for large pressure drops.


Do you have a P&ID or pics?  Maybe we can spot something.

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