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Example 4.1 (O.l. Chemical Reaction Engineering, P.104)

volume non-constant density isothermal

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#1 chemtoli


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Posted 21 May 2023 - 03:02 PM

Hi everyone,


How the Volume of CB0=200 at XA=1 becomes -100B and volume of Ci0 still remains 100i (please read the document in attachment)


Is there any formula to apply for other cases for example A+2B -> 4R



thank you so much

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#2 breizh


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Posted 21 May 2023 - 06:27 PM   Best Answer


Attached the supportive document from O.Levenspiel .

Same you may find pointers in the link attached.



Considering the reaction and 100% conversion of reactant A, you will find a deficit 0f 100 of reactant B and the Inert remains constant thus V@ xA=1 0 A+(200-300) B+100 I+600 R = 600 


Edit: Same protocol for your second reaction, with or without Inert, upon the right model selection. 

My understanding 

Good luck.


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