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Pinch Technology: Basics for Beginners

Nov 08 2010 01:30 PM | Mukesh Sahdev in Heat Transfer *****


With all of the tools that pinch analysis provides, one of the most important challenges before process engineers is to properly integrate pinch tools into the conceptual process design phase. Decisions made in this phase of planning affect the entire life cycle of a process facility. Using pinch technology tools and understanding the process does not ensure the desired results. These tools must be applied at the right point in the process design phase. Just as it would be incorrect to conduct a Pinch Analysis after completion of the process design phase, wherein critical process parameters have been fixed, it is just as incorrect to conduct a Pinch Analysis without direct interaction with the process specialists and downstream engineering disciplines. It is Pinch Technology's role to identify "what might be". However, input from other engineering disciplines ultimately determines "what can be".


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