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You Are Most Likely To Be A Chemical Engineer If.....

You Are Most Likely To Be A Chemical Engineer If..... 1. When sitting with friends in a crowded restaurant one of your friend remarks how chaotic and disorderly it was inside, and you start explaining "entropy" to them.

2. You maintain different colored hard hats and safety goggles in your wardrobe.

3. You are planning to install a scrubber on your kitchen exhaust duct

4. Somebody mentions stimulation and you take it as simulation

5. Your T-shirt shows a reciprocating compressor picture with the caption "Double-acting cylinder".

6. You associate the word beautiful with a contoured butterfly valve.

7. While extinguishing a small fire using a CO2 cylinder you are thinking of the temperature drop due to Joule-Thomson effect.

8. While washing your face in your bathroom you holler to your wife that today the water flow is "laminar".

9. You have a psychrometric chart on the side table next to your bed.

10. You find your wife getting late for the party and you start lecturing her on "Mean Time Between Failure".

11. Every time while drinking a bottled beverage you try read the composition of the beverage from the beverage label.

12. If you frequent a gas station where blended gasoline is availbale.

Well that's enough for today. Would love the readers to contribute some more humorous quotes about "Chemical Engineers".


Art Montemayor
Jul 27 2012 11:54 AM
You might be an engineer if...while extinguishing a small fire using a CO2 cylinder you are thinking of the temperature drop due to Joule-Thomson effect --- but I doubt you would be a Chemical Engineer (or at least a knowledgeable one).

There is no Joule-Thomson Effect related to the free, adiabatic expansion of liquid carbon dioxide from a fire extinguisher. This is nothing more than a free expansion of saturated liquid, producing solid CO2 (Dry Ice) and vapor at -107 oF. A Chemical Engineer should know this.
Jul 29 2012 03:57 AM
I used to wonder by seeing
'Carbohydrates ' -Nil
'Calories' -Nil
etc., etc.,
on the Bottle water manufacturer's composition labels.Being in the water and wastewater field it used to amuse me.
as a newly graduate chem engineer, i really ROFL..
I believ Im in the ryt direction coz Iv come across points 1 and 2 in my life (almost daily).
seems i am not a good chemical engineer
Aug 17 2012 03:02 AM
Explaining Vapour Liquid Equillibrium while cooking
...if you think stuff in the grocery store labelled "organic" and "chemical-free" is downright hilarious
...if you can wax poetic about a chemical plant at night; bathed in the salmon-pink glow of the HPS lights, your phone not ringing, and all you hear is the low, constant hum coming from the motors on "pump alley".
Aug 24 2012 12:17 AM
very nice sir........thnx
i too learned Chemical Engineering priciples in my mother's kitchen...
Dexby de Guzman
Aug 24 2012 08:25 AM
When someone speaks of morality. I also think of molarity. Hahaha.
Aug 25 2012 10:30 AM
Can you please give me the Glucose Property
Specific Heat ?
Thermal Conductivity ?
veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery good;-)
I always say "let's go upstream" or "the shop is downstream from here". We also joke that when someone's stressed, he/she is reaching their PSV set point.
when u say electricity is supplied from a "common header"
My university instructor always called disordered student, people who increase the world Entropy.
Mar 14 2013 02:00 AM

Sir ,


Its Very nice.. ofcourse i am a mechanical engineer(Juniour) but we both always have good chemistry in all the industries.


I always confuse about Entropy word . Could you please explain me in your style....



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great post

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