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Download Steam Tracing Calculator

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Heat tracing is used to prevent heat loss from process fluids being transported in process fluid pipes, when there is risk of damage to piping, or interference with operation such
as fouling or blockage, caused by the congealing, increase in viscosity, or separation of components, in the fluid below certain temperatures, or when there is risk of formation of corrosive substances or water due to condensation in corrosive services. This prevention of heat loss is accomplished by employing electrical tracing, or steam tracing, and insulating both the process fluid pipe and the tracer together, using appropriate insulation lagging, in an attempt to minimise heat loss from the pipe and tracer to their surroundings.

The existing software that was used to design steam tracing had to be evaluated in terms of its accuracy and reliability, as problems associated with steam tracing designed with the existing software have occurred in the past.
A software simulation had to be designed that could compare theoretical inputs and outputs with that of an existing simulation used to design steam tracing, as well as compare it to existing installed steam tracing, in order to determine where improvements in the software could be made.

The new software had to use the outputs from the existing software as inputs and its outputs had to correspond to the inputs of the existing software. Other important evaluations were also included in the new software.

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Enrico Lammers
Jul 13 2012 06:47 AM
I use Microsoft Office for Mac. There is a separate solver function installed, but when I open the spreadsheet it tells that there is no solver and that the cells cannot be modified because the spreadsheet is locked? Is there way to unlock the spreadsheet and use the solver manually? Any help on this?
Sep 21 2012 07:31 AM
i have the problem of "can not find project or library"
can you help me
spreadsheet doens't work with Excel 2010.
Any way to solve this problem?
Chris Haslego
Oct 10 2012 11:33 AM

spreadsheet doens't work with Excel 2010.
Any way to solve this problem?

Couple of things to check: Make sure you downloaded the version marked "...2007" and make sure that the spreadsheet is saved to a "Trusted Location" and that macros are enabled and that the Solver is installed. More on trusted location and enabling macros here:





I need to use this worksheet to estimate the amount of steam needed for a piping system, but the problem I have is that you like to install the Solver. Really, I need to install the solver, because the software tells me that the solution does not converge. Please can you explain how to download the SOLVER? Does Solver is an add apart? I press Ctrl + L but there throws me a compilation error. What solution can you give me?

I can't find the item "Maximum tracer length" in the spreadsheet. Could anybody found a spreadsheet with this output?

FYI - The latent heat content of steam on your "Steam" tab is incorrect (by a considerable amount).  Example - 150 psig steam (roughly 165 psia for your table purposes).  The saturated temperature is 366 degrees F (your table is correct), however, the latent heat content is 857 BTU/lb, and your table indicates 876 BTU/lb.  


I've looked at other pressures that have similar discrepancies.  This could be a very useful tool if you can get these values corrected.




when i Press " ctr +L'', the result

"For i = 1 To 10
    Application.Run "solver.xlam!solverok", "$P$45", "2", "0", "$O$41,$O$42,$K$47,$K$79"
    Application.Run "solver.xlam!solversolve", True"

the marco cant run.

please give me file can run

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