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Posted 07 May 2012 - 09:35 AM

Dear CHEresources member;

I still working on simulating distillation column for deethanizer column to separate ethane from propane, I want to have top product (vapor distillate) that has only 5% propane. I use ASPEN PLUS column to simulate it.

Then, I tried to export my steadystate file from steady to dynamic using ASPEN PLUS but I used valid phase :Vapor-Liquid-FreewaterCondenser; in addition to get free water top prouct stream instead of 1 Vapor distillate and 1 reflux flowrate. But when I tried to export it, the FATAL ERROR message appear that said : valid phase :Vapor-Liquid-FreewaterCondenser is currently unavailable, so ASPEN suggest to use the other valid phase Vapor-Liquid-FreewaterAnystage using 3-phase calculation, but when I tried it, the simulation still red button (that's mean input incomplete),

I also tried another way by build up outside flash tank (using no condenser) but I can't meet the desired design spec for the top product; because I only has 1 degree of freedom in the main column (for bottom product specification).does anybody ever meet this kind of problem? OR any suggestion for this problem. Please sharing.

Thank you in advance. :)



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