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Modelling Hydroprocessing On Hysys

hydroprocessing hysys refining

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#1 awahabfwilliams


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Posted 04 August 2017 - 09:23 AM

Hi I'm a student currently working on my MSc.


I am trying to investigate some scenarios and i am modelling using Hysys. However I ran into some challenges


I wish to simulate the hydroprocessing and obtain stream results for the various cuts - Light ends, light naphtha, heavy naptha etc etc


I used the Aspen RefSYS component using the hydrocracker (HCR) unit and haven't been able to get my simulations to converge. Is there any other way I can model this unit?


The data I have currently is the crude assay data - Tia Juana (heavy) with the various properties such as distillation curves and properties such as sulfur content, metals content


I also have only limited reactor data - pressure and temperature of the reactor for each of the reactors (3 reactors in total)


I tried to model a hydroprocessor bed - but hysys won't let m (wrong fluid package) - what package can I use to model a hydroprocessor bed unit on hysys?


Any links or help will be useful


thank you

#2 VeryProfessionalEngineer


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Posted 27 August 2017 - 06:36 AM

Did you ever figure this out? I haven't used HYSYS for a downstream project before and didn't even know it had a hydrocracker unit operation. Even in Pro/II though, I never had a process simulator predict the performance of a hydroprocessing reactor, as those results were obtained experimentally. I just tried plugging a hydrocracker on the tail end of my FPSO's product stream for fun, but HYSYS decided to repeatedly crash every time I tried to place it in the simulation. Oh well. 


When I did hydroprocessing process design in the past my group used a proprietary fluid package in Pro/II for most of our high pressure hydrogen streams. That said, Google shows Aspen recommends Grayson-Streed for high H2 content streams. I'm guessing you already tried Grayson-Streed though, and the model didn't accept it. 


I also don't know exactly the goal here. Are you doing this as a plant design project and just need HYSYS to spit out something (anything) because it doesn't particularly matter what the reactor does as long as it shows some generic hydroprocessing reaction? In this case, just getting Grayson-Streed or whatever the software will allow you to use might be fine. If you are preparing some sort of case study where you want to do a sensitivity analysis of several factors on the hydroprocessing reaction, in which case you inputs and fluid package selection as well as HYSYS' ability to accurately predict outcomes would be pretty important (and would rely on additional other factors beyond temperature, pressure, and feed composition. Catalyst type(s), H2 purity, etc...), then this might not be a good approach. Again, it probably doesn't matter at this point as I'm guessing you've figured it out sometime in the last three weeks.

Edited by VeryProfessionalEngineer, 27 August 2017 - 06:37 AM.

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