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Reboiler Edr

hysys edr model

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#1 CS10


    Junior Member

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Posted 17 August 2017 - 09:53 PM

Dear Engineers,


I am creating an EDR model for the existing Reboiler, i am doing the HYSYS simulation to understand the capability of the Reboiler with the current operating conditions.


I want to get some guidance and insight into the modelling using HYSYS EDR model. I found some issues with the converged of the model due to the error in my model. I cannot match the tube count of the model to the datasheet. 


the reboiler is Kettle type rebolier. With Kettle type (TEMA = B-K-U), the tube from the model very far from the user input but, when i am using X-Shell (TEMA = B-X-U) and reduce the shell ID to 750 mm tubes count match with user input. the problem with B-X-U is the input nozzle not match with the data.


I attached also the simple diagram of the reboiler and errors and warnings comment from EDR.


Can anyone help me with this problem? does anyone have done any modelling for Kettle Reboliler with HYSYS EDR?


Appreciate if you can put some thoughts or any reference of EDR model for Kettle Reboiler in this post.



Thank you,



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#2 IGC


    Junior Member

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Posted 18 August 2017 - 02:46 AM

I don't see how you can match the tubecount on the X shell and not on the K shell...  Do you know the tube outside diameter, pitch and tube pattern of the tube bundle?  If not, it may take some iterations to find a possible match, but you'll know the tube bundle OD, and if you have the tube count and know the fact it is U-tubes, you may iterate until you eventually get close to it.  


The X shell and K shell are very different models.  You are trying to model flow boiling over a tube bundle in an X shell, compared to pool boiling in a K shell - you will have very different results here.  I think the X shell could be used for an air intercooler on a compressor for example.  Low finned tubing with air passing over the bundle.  


If you know/can calculate an average shellside heat transfer coefficient from the unit on site, then you could piece together a simulation in a BXU type unit so you could match current process conditions.  Any deviation from that then you'll have no idea if it is correct or not as it is just guesswork at that point.  Better to setup the original model correctly!

Edited by IGC, 18 August 2017 - 02:48 AM.

#3 CS10


    Junior Member

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Posted 20 August 2017 - 08:32 PM



Thanks for your comment.


Below are some user input:


Tube OD = 19.05 mm

Pitch = 27.87 mm

Tube pattern = 90-Square

Tube Length =  6105 mm

Number of tubes = 185 U tubes / 2 passes


When using the Kettle type, Shell ID 750 mm instead of 1400 mm (refer to reboiler sketch attached), the tube count match with the user input.

#4 IGC


    Junior Member

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Posted 22 August 2017 - 12:36 PM

That makes sense - if you make the shell diameter 1400 mm, then that is you specifying that the U tube bundle has a diameter of 1400 mm, so almost 2x the size of the actual bundle.  In HTRI, and I suspect EDR as well, the main input page states shell diameter but this for the bundle only.  In HTRI you can specify Kettel diameter and bundle diameter individually in a separate menu.


That's a funky pitch spacing you have there! 

#5 CS10


    Junior Member

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Posted 12 September 2017 - 08:00 PM

I appreciate your help on this, the simulation is working now with the specified variables i have.


Thanks IGC,

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