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Issue Setting Pressure Of A Vessel In Hysys Dynamics

hysys dynamics initialisation initialization vessel pressure

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#1 gmcgough600


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Posted 10 November 2017 - 04:41 AM



Some help appreciated with the following problem:


When starting a dynamic model I can set initial holdup (pressure, temperature, composition) but is there a way to reinitialise this after the dynamic model has been run and the integrator stopped? I want to simulate filling of a large number of identical hydrogen tanks (on H2 powered buses) so would like to simply use one tank and then once it's full reinitialise it back to the original pressure, temperature and composition and then restart the integrator. I'm unable to reset pressure, temperature or composition. I would like to do this using the event scheduler if possible.


When I change pressure manually - by opening the separator vessel then changing vessel pressure (under Dynamics > Dynamic Specifications) it appears to accept my input but jumps back to the previous pressure when I restart the integrator. I haven't found a way to set temperature or composition.


When I use the event scheduler to trigger a change I get the error message:


"Integration time XXX.XXX: Reinitialise Bus Pressure of Bus Pressure Max of Bus full of Schedule 1 was unable to specify the Vessel Pressure - dynamic of Bus tank 1."


Thanks in advance

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