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Heat Exchanger Gasket Material

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#1 sameercnn


    Junior Member

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Posted 30 November 2017 - 02:53 AM

Dear Sir,


One of our DEU type heat exchanger is having leakage between shell flange and tube sheet and currently we are using lip seal gasket (A22) and we are planning to upgrade this gasket material and type so please advise which is better from your experience point of view.



DP: 131 barg /FV (Shell side) and 170 barg (tube side)

DP:  340 deg C (shell side)  and 430 deg C (tube side)

service: hydrogen

current type of gasket: lip seal (A22)

Shell material:  SA266-4 + 347 SS W/O


FLANGE: SA266-4 + 347 SS W/O (Shell side)

Flange : SA336-F22 CL.3 + 347 SS W/O  (Tube side )

TUBE: SA 213 TP321



Thank you,




#2 Art Montemayor

Art Montemayor

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Posted 30 November 2017 - 07:35 PM



Some comments you should address regarding your query:

  • What is a DEU?  Please use full names or titles instead of acronyms to describe your equipment.  If you must use an acronym, then define it up front.
  • What do you mean by stating "DP: 340 deg C"???  Do you mean Design TEMPERATURE?  If so, what does DP mean??? (always proof what you write before posting)
  • More important than a gasket TYPE is the gasket material.  What is the current gasket material and what fluid is it sealing?
  • So the heat exchanger is on hydrogen service ..... but on which side is the hydrogen - tube side??
  • What is the other fluid in the heat exchanger?  --- and define the side it is on.
  • If you can't furnish a drawing of the exchanger, then at least post some photos.  Why are some engineers seeking help so lazy in furnishing basic data?? 
  • Always submit as much fabrication drawing details as possible when dealing with mechanical details related to seals or gaskets.

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