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Hot Well Of Vacuum Tower

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#1 chetanhm2


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Posted 03 January 2018 - 09:25 AM

Dear Sir,

I have a query w r t CDU/VDU.
For Hotwell in VDU, what will be normal operating pressure generally all over the world.

Will it be always around atmospheric or slightly less pressure and also what will be pressure of Catch pot which sends hot well off gases to VDU heater burners.

I have considered three stage Steam jet ejector with first stage inlet at 1 kpa which vacuum column tower vapors..Then first stage discharge at 20 kpa and then Second stage discharge at 49 kpa and third stage discharge at 100 kpa i e outlet of surface condenser..

Is this correct?

What will be pressure drop from Condenser outlet to hot well ? Also help me with separate vessel called catch pot is reqyired wherein hot well off gases can be directly routed to furnace..Also How hot well pressure is controlled in plant ?

Chetan Chavan

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