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Simulating Temperature Profile For A Molecular Sieves 13X Bed Regenera

purification simulation adsorption desorption regeneration temperature arigatto guzaimus

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#1 Sahel


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Posted 06 January 2018 - 04:30 AM

We have a 13X molecular sieve bed meant for purifying ethylene. As it's well known, the bed is to be regnerated after it gets saturated. We use hot Nitrogen flow to regenerate it. After that, a "Preload" step carryied on to decrease the activity of bed partially. The preload step is carryied by flowing a diluted ethylene in Nitrogen flow.

My question is (and sorry for the long introduction????) First, how can I simulate the bed temperature response with respect to time (Temperature Vs. Time) during the regeneration step.

Second, how can I do it also during the Preload step.

I would really appreciate you guys if you help me in this because I've been looking for it for a month now ????.

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