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Noise Decibel Calculations For Flow Through Pipe, Tees, And Valves

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#1 Motrack


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Posted 12 February 2018 - 01:19 PM

Hi Folks,


I have the velocity and Mach numbers through a flare header system. One scenario where Mach 1 is predicted at an intermediate pipe, not upstream, nor downstream at the discharge point. This stretch of pipe has ells, a tee, and a valve. A couple of questions.


(1) Could someone share a link or a resource to using the velocity to calculate the noise in db? I see a lot of affiliated discussions online, but don't see exactly what I need.

(2) Would excessive noise be expected at the ells, the tee, and the valve, but not the pipe? That is, if I put on acoustic insulation at the ells, the tee, and the valve, and a few pipe diameters upstream and downstream, would that typically address the situation?





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