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How Can An Ionic Liquid Affect A Binary Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium?

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#1 Jorge_ChemE


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Posted 05 October 2018 - 03:25 PM



I want to study a stripping distillation column (a distillation column without condenser) to separate heptane and toluene using an entrainer Ionic Liquid. Heptane would be separated as distillate and Toluene in bottoms along with the entrainer, an ionic liquid. Since ionic liquids are heavier than those hydrocarbons, ionic liquid would leave the column in bottoms. I am trying to do so on Aspen Plus but not getting good results, I think there is something wrong in this equilibrium but I don't have any idea to know how the ionic liquid is affecting in the binary vapor-liquid equilibrium. What would you do at this point?


Thank you in advance.

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