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Dehydration Of Natural Gas ( Teg And Mol. Sieve)

teg dehydration simulation molecular sieve

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#1 satyamarya61


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Posted 14 February 2019 - 07:51 PM

Hello All



 We have chosen Topic of Dehydration of natural gas by using Liquid desiccant TEG and Solid desiccant Mol. Sieve.

1st part

Dehydration before a shallow cut unit which is a TEG Process and in simulation we need to meet 4lb water content/mmscfd of delivered gas


2nd part

 Dehydration before deep cut u nit which is a mol. sieve and in simulation we need to remove all  water content from the  delivered gas and the rate of bed regeneration heat should be removed.


We have done 1st part and trying 2nd part but there is no option of adsorption unit in hysys. As professor suggested to add LPG recovery unit as a sub section part of your 1st part TEG simulation. This is confusing , how we can run both simulation in single sheet as there is no option to add adsorption column in hysys except we can go for Aspen Adsorption simulation  model (Adsim)


For solid desiccant part I tried to prepare simulation with different composition by adding component splitter with the help of google findings but not able to complete that part. Could you please help us in this regard How should I go with this. Could anyone share this kind of hysys model. I am not able to share my hysys file here.


I will be very thankful to you.


Thanks & Regards

Satyam Arya


#2 AlertO


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Posted 17 February 2019 - 08:59 PM



I think to use component splitter in HYSYS is ok for your application. Just need to be sure you don't input too sharp separation where we cannot find the real mol.sieve in the market. You can input % Water removal and get the dried HC gas as you want. Anyway I still don't get your point about "Unable to complete that part". You may need to tell more what you obstruct with.

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