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Compressor, And Discharge Psv Capacity

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#1 yog123


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Posted 06 March 2019 - 08:11 PM

I have to size the PSV on discharge of centrifugal-compressor for blocked outlet case.


I have vendor curves (discharge pressure vs Flow, shaft power va flow) available with me.


can anyone tell me how to calculate the relief rate for the PSV? I read the other articles on this. i got following steps:


 Relief rate should be calculated at maximum suction pressure, but also RELIEVING pressure of PSV on compressor discharge. To exactly calculate relief rate for such a case, follow steps below:

- Get compressor head versus capacity curve for maximum speed
- Calculate maximum compressor suction pressure

- Calculate maximum compressor discharge pressure going backward from PSV (at relieving pressure) to compressor discharge flange

- Calculate compressor differential head from suction and discharge pressures
- from compressor head - capacity curve, read capacity corresponding to above calculated which is relief rate for your PSV.


However, i could not understand, how to proceed with the calculation?


if anyone has any reference calculation available with them then kindly share.


thanks in advance

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