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Design Of Distillation Column For Separation Of Propylene Glycol From

distillation propylene glycol

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#1 sharonlae


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Posted 16 March 2019 - 08:11 PM



I am posting this to all industrial experts out there who might like to give me some guidance on designing a distillation column to separate propylene glycol from water and PGME. I would like to know if such a process is common in the industry and what are the operating conditions of such columns, i.e. vacuum/atmospheric etc. 

I would also like to know the material of construction of such columns if possible and if PG and PGME are corrosive at high temperatures. 


Currently, I'm simulating my column at a pressure of 2bar to prevent the high cost of vacuum operation but I would like to know if PG would degrade substantially/produce acids that might corrode the material within the column at such high column temperatures.  


I am unable to find such information on textbooks and most literature and would like to reach out for help from the actual industry.


Thank you.

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