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Water Soluble And Flexible

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#1 patrick6


    Brand New Member

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Posted 17 March 2019 - 07:04 PM

Hi all,


I am more of a product designer / inventor with little chemical engineering knowledge. (so please answer simply !)


I am looking for a material/s that can be cast/manufactured/produced into small squares about the size of a walnut.


the material needs to be.......


100% water soluble

Has a rubber/flexible property


It would also be useful to have control over the time it takes to dissolve, if that's possible ? ie can proportions be altered to change the rate at which it dissolves


The chemicals/materials used only need to be water soluble and capable of being bound together with some sort of elastomer, if there are options for various materials then the choice would be made on cost as to how cheaply these could be made.


I imagine it to be like a flexible dishwasher tablet


Any suggestions would be appreciated



#2 Pilesar


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Posted 17 March 2019 - 08:02 PM

hydrolyzed collagen (gelatin)

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