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Excothermic Heat Removal By Boiling Of Solvent.


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#1 saravananchem


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Posted 02 April 2019 - 11:04 PM

An exothermic reaction is carried out by controlled addition of reactant B in to a batch reactor system contained reactant A with solvent medium.


Reaction heat removal is taking in place by boil up the solvent (reaction temperature here is BP of the solvent)


Reaction temperature is being controlled by 1) limiting reagent B addition rate to the reactor 2) self reflux solvent sent back to the reactor.


Solvent is Hexane and the reaction temperature is 64-67 deg C.


Exotherm evolves per hour is  77000 Kcal/hr. calculated based on calorimetry study and Hexane Boil up rate is 960 Kg/ hr. Boiled Hexane condensed and cooled to 25 deg C and send back to the reactor.


Questions: 960 Kg/Hr of Hexane at 25 deg C, sent back to reactor. so how it will effect on slow down the reaction rate and what is the resultant temp of the reactor? (total mass A=100 Kg, B = 500 kg addition at 2 Kg/min. total solvent in the reactor is 1500 Kg?).


To maintain the reaction temp at 65 deg C and continue the same reaction rate, how much increase addtion rate  from current rate 2 Kg/hr?

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#2 breizh


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Posted 03 April 2019 - 12:48 AM

Hi ,

Let us know your difficulties , someone will help .

Thermal balance to be performed around the condenser to manage the exotherm . Physical properties of solvent are required ( Latent heat, boiling point , specific heat ) . Probably properties  related to A and B are missing too.

Rate of introduction of B : 2 kg/min or 2 kg/hour ?


Good luck.





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