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Dew Point Plant Operating Range

dew point

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#1 Ariel


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Posted 11 June 2019 - 07:45 AM

Dear all,


We have a problem. We have a 3 MMSMCD (105 MMSCFD) dew point plant (PFD attached).

The field is old and we will be approaching 1 MMSMCD (35.3 MMSCFD) gas production in two years, it is 30% of installed capacity.


Which problema could I have? Which equipment is critical and need to be revised/adjusted?


If you want/can, I would like to receive where a need to read about this topic (links, white papes, recommended papers or books, et)


Thanks in advance





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#2 PingPong


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Posted 12 June 2019 - 09:52 AM

You could have turndown problems in some equipment or valves.


For example:


- There are many vessels with a demisting device in it. Depending on their type these devices can have reduced removal efficiency at low throughput and may therefor need size reduction or replacement by a more modern design.


- Trays in a columns can have reduced efficiency at low capacity due to increased weeping. Trays may need to be modified by blinding off part of the holes or valves.


- Pumps may need a minimum flow bypass (back to the suction vessel).


- Compressors also have to be reviewed, including there control system, to verify that they can operate stable at reduced plant throughput.


- Some control valves may need a reduced trim to avoid that they need to operate at too small opening, which may give unstable control.


- Relief valves need to be checked to verify that they will not be too oversized causing chatter when they need to operate.

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