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Turbine Inlet Air Temperature Augmentation


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Posted 23 August 2019 - 01:36 AM

I am working on as assignments which aims to cater for turbine performance derating during Summer season. 

we have three SGT300 units installed for Power Generation application. Unit power ratings are (ISO) 7.90MW(e). During summer season, the machine power output gets de-rated to a great extent due to high ambient temperature. Typical temperature variations between winter and summer are from 05 deg C to 50 deg C. Due to this derating, machines are not capable of powering the connected load, and it is required to run additional machines to cater the requirement. We are interested in deploying retrofit air cooling or fogging solution to be installed at Combustion Air Intake. This cooled air should result in increased capacity of machine during summer season., also it should not effect metallurgy of the machines, and system should be effective at higher Relative humidity levels. 
what can be best solution for this , installing Evaporative cooling system at inlet , however it would have its own limitations depending on ambient temperatures and RH.  Installation of chilling unit to cool air down to low temperatures, however it would be itself quiet power consuming.  Installation of mist fogging system, which spray 10-20 micron water droplets with high pressure at air inlet to bring temperatures down, however this solution can cause trouble to compressor blades. Other factors might be availability of DEMIN water, or increasing filtration level in case of fogging solution.
At our plant third turbine is running on very marginal load and if we can switch off one turbine and shift complete load on the running turbines only by augmenting its power through cooling inlet air it would be huge saving. Also we want modification which can be implemented in minimum time
Any subject matter expert please provide guideline on the subject, & share if you have prior experience of handling this type of problem or to prepare/ review same sort of assessment for Turbines
Please let me if you need any data for providing your value able advise
Thanks and Regards

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