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Firefighting Pump Npshr Not Mentioend As Per Fm/ul?

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Posted 17 September 2019 - 03:43 AM

Hi everyone,


I have a peculiar situation which I am facing currently and hoping experienced people here can assist me.


I am evaluating a flooded-suction type firefighting pump proposal in which the vendor has declined to mention the actual NPSHr required.


Upon enquiry, their response can be boiled down to "It is FM/UL Certified and hence, the NPSHr is meeting FM/UL Guideline." 


I dug deeper and found out that FM refers to NFPA 20 for sizing/guideline but nothing has been mentioned regarding NPSH for a centrifugal diesel-driven engine pump.


Has anyone here faced a similar situation and is NPSHr not mentioned for FM/UL certified pumps?



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