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Simulation Of I Butene To Produce Propylene Using Aspen Plus V10

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#1 Iamafolabi100


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Posted 23 October 2019 - 05:41 AM

I was given a project in school as my final year product, simulation of 1-butene to produce propylene. The fist stage is taking the 1-butene through catalytic cracking to produce ethylene and propylene, next is the metathesis process which react both the ethylene and butene to produce much propylene. What suggestions do you have as regards this. What should be my feed. And how do I get all this units on the Aspen plus platform.


#2 sgkim


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Posted 24 October 2019 - 09:05 PM

Hi Afolabi, 


For the simulation of chemical reaction processes, usually the following issues shall clearly be defined for your own job:


i.   Chemistry of the chemical reaction

ii.  Identification of feed and product materials 

iii. Physical property models applicable for the simulation

iv. Conversion of feed material and selectivity to each product or byproduct  

v.  Source, quality and quantity(purity and/or specification) of each feed and product

vi. Definition of heating and cooling sources 

vii. Required conversion, yield or operation conditions defined if any.     


Configuration of the process system shall be developed by adding equipment one by one such as, reactor, pump, compressor, heat exchanger, distillation column, etc.  Operating conditions may usually be determined by the utilities to be employed.  In most of the cases the separation of the reaction mixture makes the main issue to develop the process configuration.  If some cost analyses are to be made for the case study and optimization, unit costs of materials, utilities and equipment shall be evaluated.   


Stefano Kim

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