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Reciprocating Compressor Recycle Valve

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Posted 22 January 2020 - 06:12 PM

The capacity of a reciprocating compressor is controlled by "variable speed drive " and "pocket clearance". The compressor train has a recycle valve to control the pressure at the compressor suction scrubber ( transmitter is located at  the compressor suction scrubber). This is required to control quality of the separated condensate as it should be send back to the condensate tower. 
In the stop sequence of the compressor, the step after "closure of the inlet/outlet valves"  is :
"Place the recycle valve in manual and fully open the recycle valve (one shot)"
My question is: 
1) As per my experience the control of the recycle valve always should be part of the stop sequence. So is it acceptable to consider opening of the recycle valve manual? 
2) The recycle valve is FO so what is the benefit of "One shot" type valve ? Does this type of the valve help to minimize the possibility of high pressure at the suction of the compressor ( valve outlet) as it is limiting flow of the valve in case of high suction pressure? 

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