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#1 rha257


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Posted 26 March 2020 - 03:43 AM

Hi All,


I hope everyone is staying safe out there during these rough days.


If we have three gas centrifugal compressor trains and at the suction of each train, there is one pressure reading device (e.g. Pressure Gauge). Assuming that all the trains are running and the total flow flowing through all the trains is 600 MMSCFD (i.e. so each train is getting 200 MMSCFD). What happens to the pressure reading at the suction of each train when one of the three compressor trips and the 200 MMSCFD that compressor was handling is diverted to the other trains (i.e. so each now has to handle 400 MMSCFD). 


I have been told that in a case similar to the one described above, the pressure reading at the suction of the other compressor will increase because of the increased flow since the pipe diameter is constant and the flow is being packed in a constant volume. Is this explanation correct? Can this phenomena be explained by Bernoulli's principle? Would the outcome be the same for a liquid and a gas? 


Also, for the case of a PSV, why does opening a PSV on a line header relief the pressure in the line? Does this imply that reducing the flow through a pipe and diverting it somewhere else automatically reduces the pressure of the fluid flowing through that line line?


Thank you in advance.


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