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Lpg As Fuel Gas

lpg fuel gas

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#1 paruzekk


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Posted 01 April 2020 - 05:41 PM

Dear all,

Can anyone help in following subject? Our client wants to use LPG as a back up fuel in their refinery complex if major waste off-gas / refinery gas stream is down for whatever reason. The idea is to use liquid LPG from storage and install central evaporator that will supplement the fuel gas in distribution system with vaporized LPG. However, we identified an issue in LPG dew point in fuel gas piping downstream evaporator up to buffer vessel which works at 10 barg as well as in distribution network which works at 4 barg. The dew point is around 75 degC @ 10 brag and around 35 degC @ 4 barg. What are the typical measure to avoid LPG condensation in both 10 barg and 4 barg systems? Shall we evaporate LPG and overheat by say 7-10 degC? Shall we also use heat tracing of the entire system to assure piping and buffer operating temperature above dew point especially during winter period?


Thank you for any practical suggestions!   

#2 Napo


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Posted 02 April 2020 - 02:40 PM



I was worked in a Refinery (90,000 bpd) that it was have a fuel gas system at 100 psig, when we had a high demand of fuel gas or another problem we had a LPG compensation system with a vaporizer (with steam 50 psig). Always we need to justification for employ this system because the goal of our plant was sell to LPG and others fuels and this system was employing only punctually (emergency situations).



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