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Store Kerosene In Fixed Roof Tank

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#1 canhhienfamily


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Posted 13 April 2020 - 12:37 AM

Dear all

Please help to confirm if kerosene/jet fuel can be stored in the fixed roof tank if its storing temperature is lower than the flash point.

As my refinery guidelines, this kind of product is classified as II (1) or (2) group which tank temperature is either higher or lower than its flash point and required to store in Floating roof tank.

However, in orthe guidelines (Marsh) , I have seen that if tank temperature is lower than its flash point , it can be stored in Fixed roof tank.

The important thing I focus is the loss of product when it is stored at the tempearture which is higher than its flash point.

Does NFPA require any special for this?

Thanks and best regards

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