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Different Flowrate In Top And Bottom Of Radfrac

aspen plus radfrac distillation azeotropic llve

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#1 r_hothi


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Posted 17 July 2020 - 06:05 AM


I am modelling a binary distillation of ethyl acetate and water using radfrac. 

There is a liquid-liquid-vapour equilibrium, due to there being an azeotrope. I have chosen NRTL to model the binary parameters after seeing it gives the best match to experimental data.

Under the Radfrac setup, I have specified LLV as the valid phases, and told Aspen to check every stage for two liquids. 

My other specification is 0.025 for distillate to feed rate and 6 as the reflux ratio. These were chosen by trial and error to get a high percentage of EA in the distillate.


I have found that the flowrate of liquid and gas is significantly different in the stripping and rectifying section of the column. How can I get them to be the same? 
Also, is there any way to enhance the purity of EA in the distillate, without having such high reflux?



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