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References For Preliminary Controls Design(Conceptual)

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#1 daraj


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Posted 15 January 2021 - 03:27 AM

Hi all,


Most of the times when we design conceptually for chemical processes, we have a flowsheet from a simulator with H&MB, and do preliminary sizing of equipment using appropriate software and some preliminary costing using software again.  what I want to know is if I need to generate preliminary PFDs out of my conceptual design I also need to design preliminary control schemes for major equipment(or be in a position to review the control schemes designed by somebody else). Unfortunately, controls are not taught in depth in undergrad.


Can you point out a succinnt online source or a book where I can get this knowledge or practice? Please dont rcmmend books by Luyben or Stephanopolous etc. i already know these. I am not interested in math or theory behind controls and not looking to become a controls engineer. I need to be able to specify control philosophy in a conceptual design package and/or design or suggest control schemes for a conceptual PFD, that's all. To this extent any online article or e-book or portions of a book will also be helpful sources. Any online course(like on edx or coursera) is also welcome. Please let me know your thoughts



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