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Generating Superheated Steam In Waste Heat Boiler

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#1 daraj


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Posted 15 April 2022 - 12:13 AM

I have a question regarding generating steam from an industrial multitube catalytic reactor, which uses molten salt to cool the tubes(where Temp can be >420C) and the molten salt in turn is cooled via generation of steam from boiler feed water. My question is I see some designs/simulations where people introduce boiler feed water into the waste heat boiler(boiler feed water is usually at T close to 100C) and generate saturated steam or even supersaturated steam from the waste heat boiler which is atached to the reactor. while a simulation/model cna show that it is feasible, in realiy iis it possible to directly make superheated steam from a single exchanger all the way from boiler feed water? first you may need to heat the boiler feed water to the stauration temperature at the required steam pressure(say 40 bar or 50 bar), then convert it to steam and then superheat the steam. it is a 3-step process. I believe only two out of these 3 steps cna be done in the exchanger. So either the boiler feed water has to be preheated already before it enters the waste heat boiler, or you dont heat preheat the BFW, but then you generate only saturated steam and then do superheating in a different exchanger. But I would like to know your comments 

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