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Short Path Distillation Rotor Speed

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#1 MEC


    Brand New Member

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Posted 11 May 2023 - 10:13 AM

How is the short path distillation unit rotor speed determined to achieve the highest purity of the distillate (lube oil) and what are the factors it depends on?


Also any books recommendations or articles about short path distillation will be very appreciated.

#2 breizh


    Gold Member

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Posted 11 May 2023 - 06:29 PM


You may find pointers in the document attached.

Doing a search with your favorite search engine is also a good option .



Edit : My experience with this technology : Get samples and send them to manufacturer to perform lab tests and then pilot test to finalize the parameters .

Good luck


#3 MikeCH


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Posted 15 May 2023 - 08:32 AM

It is difficult to calculate the optimum speed in theory. The ideal rotor speed depends on many factors, especially viscosities, evaporator / rotor design, wiper type, ratio residue / distillate, load and others.  Best way is to ask the manufacturer for the design speed and start from there with trials. Change the speed and analyse your product properties.

A proper online measurement (in your case distillate purity) can be very useful. As a change of rotor speed takes almost immediate effect and the residence time in the evaporator is usually short it is easy to do a few tests within short time.


In the past, UIC GmbH has organised training courses on the basics of short-path and thin-film evaporators. They may have further documentation. I can also recommend operating a small lab unit made out of glass. You will see a lot when the wiper moves through the liquid.

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